Best Women’s Crossbody Handbags: Top Stylish Picks!

 The best women’s crossbody handbags blend functionality with style, offering versatility for any occasion. Top picks include durable, fashionable options from brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Coach.

Crossbody handbags have become a staple in women’s fashion due to their practicality and style. These bags not only free up your hands, but they also distribute weight evenly across the body, making them comfortable to carry throughout the day.

Ideal for both daily use and travel, the best women’s crossbody bags combine ample storage with security features like zip closures and adjustable straps. Designers cater to a wide range of tastes, from minimalist leather pouches to statement pieces with bold patterns and embellishments. As a convenient accessory that keeps essentials close without compromising on elegance, a high-quality crossbody bag is a smart investment for the fashion-conscious woman on the go.

Essentials Of Chic Crossbody Handbags

Crossbody handbags are more than just a fashion statement. They’re a blend of form and function, a perfect companion for the modern woman on the go. Picking the right one, however, requires knowing what makes a crossbody bag both chic and practical. The essentials of such bags tick all the boxes: ease, style, and versatility.

Versatility In Style

A versatile style is key for a crossbody that will serve multiple occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual for a day in the city, the perfect crossbody transitions seamlessly. Look for adjustable straps, interchangeable flaps, or convertible designs that offer numerous looks in one.

  • Day-to-night: Choose one that fits both your work and party attire.
  • Changeable: Options with removable straps or covers to mix and match.
  • Neutral tones: Black, brown, or grey work well with various outfits.

Size Matters: Finding The Right Fit

Finding the right-sized bag ensures comfort and practicality. A bag too large gets cumbersome, while too small might not hold essentials.

Size Suggested Use
Small Evening outs, carrying minimal items like phones and cards.
Medium Daily use, enough space for a wallet, a book, and a small makeup kit.
Large Travel or work, fits tablets, water bottles, and more.


Measure your daily carry items to get a sense of the space you need. Consider bags with multiple pockets and compartments for better organization. An adjustable strap also ensures the bag fits perfectly across different body types.

Material Matters: Leather, Fabric, And More

When choosing the perfect crossbody handbag, the material is a key factor. It defines style, comfort, and longevity. Women have diverse preferences. Some adore the classic leather look. Others seek innovative, sustainable options. This section dives into various materials used in handbags. It highlights their pros and cons.

Durability Of Leather

Leather stands the test of time. It’s a prime choice for many due to its resilience and elegance. Here’s why leather could be your go-to material:

  • Long-lasting: Leather bags maintain their shape and strength over the years.
  • Age beautifully: With age, leather develops a patina that adds character.
  • Timeless fashion: Leather remains fashionable through the seasons.

Yet, leather might require special care. It can be sensitive to scratches and moisture.

Eco-friendly And Vegan Options

Concern for the environment drives the demand for sustainable handbags. Here are eco-friendly and vegan materials that are popular:

  • Cork: Durable, water-resistant and lightweight.
  • Recycled fabrics: Reduces waste, and gives materials a second life.
  • Plant-based leathers: Made from pineapple leaves, mushrooms, and more.

These materials offer stylish and guilt-free choices for the conscious buyer. They are kinder to the planet and often more affordable.

Top Designer Picks For Women’s Crossbody Bags

Top Designer Picks for Women’s Crossbody Bags are the epitome of style and convenience. These bags offer freedom and ease for everyday use. They pair fashion with functionality. They are perfect for the modern woman.

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Number 1. Best crossbody bag for travel: Baggallini Everywhere Crossbody Bag. (Paid Link)

Baggallini Everywhere Crossbody Bag

A great budget option for women who want a functional and durable crossbody bag that will also protect their information. Women across the internet love the Baggallini Everywhere Crossbody Bag. It has over 7,400 ratings with 4.6 stars. This bag is made of lightweight and water-resistant nylon, and it has a spacious main compartment, a zippered front pocket, a back slip pocket, and multiple interior pockets. The adjustable and removable strap makes it customizable for all body sizes and heights, and the removable RFID wristlet keeps your cards secure.


Material: Lightweight water-resistant crinkle nylon Dimensions: 11″ H x 9” W x 5″ D, with a 7” W x 4.5” H wristlet and 52” adjustable strap.

What We Like:-

  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • Affordable and versatile RFID protection

What We Don’t Like:-

  • Nylon material can look less expensive than canvas or leather.



Number 2. Best everyday crossbody bag: Marc Jacobs The J Marc Crossbody Bag. ( Paid Link)

Marc Jacobs The J Marc Crossbody Bag
This is a great everyday option for women who want a versatile crossbody bag made of genuine leather that everyone raves about. While the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag has been a hot crossbody bag for a moment, the newer and larger version is our top pick for the best everyday bag. Why? It’s big enough to hold your stuff but not so large that it overwhelms you. 


Material: Smooth cow leather Dimensions: 6” H x 10” W x 2” D, with interchangeable chain shoulder strap (11” drop) and 57” webbed guitar strap.

What We Like:-

  • The versatility
  • The classic design
  • Magnetic closure
  • Dustbag included.

What We Don’t Like:-

  • A little pricier.


Number 3. Best budget crossbody bag: Everywhere Belt Bag 1L. ( Paid Link)

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L
A fun and frugal option for women who want a crossbody bag that packs a punch. Everyone wants the Everywhere. This always-selling-out crossbody is almost as popular as Lululemon leggings, with a cult fan base of people who buy it in numerous colors. 


Material: 100% nylon and recycled polyester Dimensions: 5″ H x 7.5″ W x 2” D Colors: Numerous colors cycle throughout the year—buy favorites like pink, black, and white quickly as they sell out

What We Like:-

  • Durable camera-bag shape Zip-top closure and back zippered pocket Fun color range

What We Don’t Like:-

  • People who need to hold more should opt for the 2L size.

Number 4. Best splurge crossbody bag: Chanel, Pre-Loved Black Quilted Lambskin New Classic Double Flap Maxi, Black. ( Paid Link)

Chanel Classic Double Flap Maxi
A great splurge option for women who want a crossbody bag that will be recognizable and envy-inducing for all.If you want to get a top-of-the-line, luxury crossbody bag, look no further. The Chanel Classic Double Flap Maxi is made of lambskin leather and has a flap closure with the famous CC turn lock and a burgundy leather interior.


Material: Lambskin leather Dimensions: 8.5″ H x 13″ W x 3.5″ D, with 11.5″- 20″ adjustable strap drop Colors: Black, as well as other colors

What We Like:-

  • Lambskin leather and flap closure CC turn lock and leather and chain strap Iconic and timeless.

What We Don’t Like:-

  • Lambskin leather can be delicate and prone to damage Some Chanel fans say the flap closure can be hard to open and close.

Number 5. Best crossbody bag for parents: TWELVElittle Companion Carry Love Quilted Diaper Bag. (Paid Link)

TWELVElittle Companion Carry Love Quilted Diaper Bag
Parents love the TWELVElittle Companion Carry Love because it’s water-resistant and easy to clean. This bag is made of nylon, has a tote shape that is chic and functional, and has two insulated side pockets for your water bottle or baby bottles. It can hold diapers, wipes, toys, or workout clothes if you’re on your way to yoga. With five exterior pockets, five interior pockets, and a main zip-top compartment, moms and dads can organize it all while still looking chic.


Material: Quilted nylon/polyurethane Dimensions: 13.25” H x 13.75” W x 4.75” D Colors: Black, Camo, Leopard, Midnight.

What We Like:-

  • Tons of pockets.
  • Water-resistant coating inside and out for easy clean up.
  • Includes detachable crossbody strap and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Comes with a changing pad.

What We Don’t Like:-

  • Nylon can look cheap.
  • One reviewer said it’s not lightweight, while another noted it was too big for daily use.


Luxury Meets Practicality

The best designer crossbody bags strike a balance between indulgence and utility. Made with premium materials, they endure daily wear with ease. Their timeless designs provide versatility across various outfits. Here is a list of top-quality bags that blend luxury with practicality:

  • Chanel Classic Flap Bag: A symbol of luxury with its recognizable quilted leather.
  • Gucci Soho Disco: Compact yet spacious. Ideal for keeping essentials.
  • Prada Nylon Crossbody: Combines high fashion with durability and lightweight.

High-end Brands On The Market

Several brands stand out in the luxury handbag market. Their crossbody bags offer unique styles and superior quality. Consider these brands when choosing your next designer bag:

Brand Signature Style Material
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Leather and Canvas
Yves Saint Laurent Tassel Detailing Leather
Balenciaga Moto-Inspired Hardware Leather


Affordable And Fashion-forward Alternatives

Finding the right crossbody handbag that is both affordable and stylish can be a challenge. Women often search for options that don’t break the bank but also keep them looking trendy. Fortunately, the fashion industry offers a plethora of choices that meet these criteria. In the following sections, we will explore how to find that sweet spot between cost and style and uncover some emerging brands that are turning heads in the fashion scene.

Balancing Cost And Style

Smart shopping means knowing where to invest. A good crossbody handbag balances durability with design. Quality materials and timeless looks ensure that affordability doesn’t mean a sacrifice in style or longevity. Look for polyurethane or leather-like fabrics for a luxury feel without the hefty price tag.

Fashion-savvy shoppers go for handbags with clean lines and neutral colors as they easily blend with any outfit. Features like adjustable straps and functional pockets add practicality. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Material: Faux leather, canvas, durable synthetics
  • Hardware: Minimal metal accents, zippers, and clasps
  • Design: Compact, sleek with a few compartments for essentials
  • Color: Classic hues such as black, brown, navy, or grey

Emerging Brands To Watch

The fashion industry is constantly evolving with new, exciting brands. These brands are creating buzzworthy bags that won’t drain your savings. Lesser-known labels often produce limited runs, which means more unique pieces for your wardrobe. Examine the craftsmanship and company ethos to find brands that align with your values.

Brand Name Style Highlights Price Range
Bellissima Bold patterns, vegan materials $30 – $60
Mélange Mode Artisan influences, eclectic designs $40 – $70
Urban Expressions Cruelty-free ethics, modern silhouettes $20 – $50


These up-and-comers offer bags that prove fashion-forward doesn’t mean unaffordable. With a little research, finding your next crossbody handbag will be a breeze—stylish and sustainably made, without the sticker shock.

Trending Styles In 2024

The world of fashion is always on the move. This year, women’s crossbody handbags are no exception. They’re not just practical; they’re a style statement. Let’s dive into the shapes and colors redefining 2024.


Accessorizing Your Crossbody Bag

Accessorizing Your Crossbody Bag shouldn’t just be a practical choice for carrying essentials—it’s a style statement. With the right accessories, these bags can transform any outfit from simple to stunning.

Mixing And Matching With Outfits

Bold crossbody bags create a focal point for your clothes. Look for colors that contrast with your outfit or complementary shades that add harmony. Neutral bags go well with busy patterns, while colorful bags brighten up solid, monotone dresses.

Customizable Straps And Charms

Personalize your bag with interchangeable straps. Wide, colorful straps add a playful touch, while leather ones exude class. Add charms or keychains to reflect your personality. These small changes can give your handbag a fresh look each day.

  • Choose straps with adjustable lengths for versatility.
  • Select charms that highlight personal interests or current trends.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Women’s Crossbody Handbags

What Are The Top-rated Women’s Crossbody Handbags?

Crossbody handbags are a staple for convenience and style. Top-rated options include designs from brands like Michael Kors, Coach, and Fossil, known for their quality, functionality, and timeless appeal. Leather materials and adjustable straps are common features that users value for comfort and durability.

How To Pick The Perfect Crossbody Handbag Size?

Choosing the ideal size depends on your needs. For daily essentials, a medium-sized bag is versatile. A small crossbody is perfect for minimal carry during outings or evening events. For work or travel, consider a larger size that can accommodate extra items like tablets or books.

Are Designer Crossbody Handbags Worth The Investment?

Designer handbags often offer superior craftsmanship and lasting materials, making them a worthy investment. They also provide a timeless fashion statement and can retain value, making some suitable for resale. Balance your budget with the long-term benefits a designer bag can provide.

What Features To Look For In A Crossbody Handbag?

Key features include an adjustable strap for customized fit, multiple compartments for organization, and secure closures for safety. A durable material like leather or high-quality synthetic can withstand wear and tear. Look for lightweight designs to ensure comfort during extended use.


Selecting the perfect crossbody handbag is a blend of function and fashion. Our curated list offers top choices to complement any outfit. Remember, quality and style don’t have to break the bank. Embrace your individuality—choose a handbag that mirrors your lifestyle and taste.

Happy shopping!


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